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Answers to your medical imaging questions

We understand that you may have questions about MRIs, CAT scans and our other medical imaging tests. Here are photos of what the machines look like and answers to frequently asked questions.

1. How long will my test take?
There are several types of diagnostic imaging studies performed at our office. Each test varies in length and is tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient. X-rays are generally very quick studies. Low bone density test scans take about 15 minutes. CT scans and Ultrasounds average about 20 minutes. The average MRI without contrast also lasts 20 minutes. Other procedures can last up to 45 minutes. Please contact our office for the length of time necessary to complete your specific procedure.

2. How fast will I get my results?
All reports will be sent to the ordering physician within one to two business days.  If the ordering physician deems necessary, quite often results can be available immediately following the completion of the exam. If you have any questions at the time of your procedure, we would be glad to answer them. Results should be obtained from your physician.

3. Will I be able to drive home after my test?
Most studies require little or no follow up instruction. For patients requiring medication for relaxation, please have a family member accompany you, as you should refrain from driving while on such medication.

4. Do I have any dietary restrictions before or after my test?
Yes, there are several procedures that require no eating or drinking prior to your study. Please contact the office for specific instructions related to your exam. A technologist will review any follow up care with you following your procedure.

5. Do I have to wear any particular type of clothing?
Many of our procedures require that your clothing be free of any type of metal, buttons, zippers, snaps, etc. Gowns are available for those patients who may need to change.

6. Who interprets my test?
All exams are interpreted by our board certified, fellowship trained radiologists. Our radiologists are also sub-specialized in many different areas of radiology, so you can count on an expert interpretation.

7. Can I take my medication before my test?
Most medications can be taken before your exam. If you are having a CT scan, certain medications for diabetes should not be taken the morning of your exam. Please contact the office for specific instructions pertaining to your exam and instructions for taking your medication.

8. Do I need a prescription to have my test?
Yes. You must have a written prescription from your doctor with you at the time of the exam before any exam is performed.

9. Do I need to bring any additional paperwork with me to my exam?
To ensure the most accurate and fastest interpretation, it is important that you bring any relevant previous studies with you at the time of the exam, especially if you are having a follow up exam. Studies performed at our office or at Meridian Health System's Hospitals are accessible through our office system.

10. Do I need an appointment?
Many exams require insurance verification before the study is performed. If insurance permits, we can generally accommodate patients on the same day. To ensure a shorter wait, please contact the office for a specific appointment time.

11. Do I have to take my films with me?
Most facilities today are filmless practices, meaning that all studies are now performed digitally and read on computers. If you need copies of your films, we do require 48 hours notice. CDs and film are available for a nominal fee.

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